Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent RepairAt our auto body shop, our services include removing car dents including car dings, door dings, golf ball dents, shopping car dents, and creases. These can taint the paint job, so calling for a professional paintless dent repair service is the best way to get it fixed. It can get pricey if you plan to take your car to a body shop to repaint the whole panel, and your car might be in the shop for a long period of time. Quality PDR LLC specializes in paintless dent repair services so the problem is fixed at an affordable price and in a timely manner.

Our dent specialists understand how a vehicle’s body is assembled. Therefore, we know where exactly to fix the car dent. With proper equipment, we use precise pressure and other techniques to make your car look brand new.

The general process of dent repair begins with sanding the dented area so the filler compound will adhere properly. Then the compound must be carefully laid in. After waiting a reasonable amount of time so it settles correctly, the area needs to be primed, color-matched, and finally painted with a clear coat that matches the rest of the car. Our paintless dent removal service eliminates these steps, making it much more affordable. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals and requires less amount of time.

Quality Dent Repair has been serving the Rio Grande Valley dealerships and retail customers since 2003.

Quality Dent Repair offers mobile service to the lower, mid and upper valley dealerships.

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Paint less Dent Removal